Biohazard Photo Gallery

white van man in black shirt

Our donation to the Oklahoma Blood Institute

Another department on the front line of this pandemic? The Oklahoma Blood Institute.

During times of crisis, blood supplies become critical. The Lawton unit of the OBI is working hard to replenish supplies and encourage donors to give blood.

We offered a little help by disinfecting and sanitizing their vehicles.

Sheriff patrol car

Cleaning for the Comanche County Sheriff Department

Our first, First Responder cleaning was at the Comanche County Sheriff Department. Our thanks to Major Tosh for coordinating all available units to line up two by two for the most effective process.

The SERVPRO of Lawton team was proud to serve those who serve our communities!

police car green van

Providing peace of mind to Lawton Police Department

SERVPRO of Lawton was happy to provide disinfecting and sanitizing services to the Lawton Police Department.

All of the department's units were very appreciative for this cleaning service.

And we thank the Lawton Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce for letting us set up in their parking lot, conveniently located next to the police department.

man in white protective suit

Disinfecting and sanitizing for our insurance agents

Our SERVPRO of Lawton team has remained in constant contact with our agents and adjusters since news of the corona virus was released.

We have ensured that everyone received the latest information about cleaning requirements and our response to this pandemic.

Red fire truck, man in black shirt

Proactive cleaning at the Hastings Volunteer Fire Department

Southwest Oklahoma is a very rural area. So when we asked our First Responder's if they would like a free, proactive cleaning of their units, they all said yes!

Small, rural departments like the Hastings Volunteer Fire Department, don't get a lot of attention.

They did on this day from our SERVPRO of Lawton team!

Ambulance and green van

Helping those who help our community

The Waurika, Oklahoma EMS team is on the front lines of this pandemic. SERVPRO of Lawton was happy to help with a free, proactive disinfecting and sanitizing of their units. When we say "we're here to help," we mean it!

Red fire trucks on street

Proud to support the Waurika Volunteer Fire Department

SERVPRO of Lawton was happy to provide proactive cleanings to our First Responders during the pandemic.

This shows how the Waurika, Oklahoma Volunteer Fire Department lined up their units for easy access during the disinfecting and sanitizing process.